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About Jennifer
Jennifer Riker in Black Lightning

On the set of Black Lightning

Jennifer is a working, professional actor with over 30 years in the industry. She earned her BFA from Florida State University and her MFA from the prestigious Yale School of Drama. She currently appears on Season 2 of the CW's DC comic Black Lightning as Dr. Helga Jace. She has worked in a variety of theaters including Yale Rep, Berkeley Rep, and Georgia Shakespeare Festival. She is also a voiceover actor who narrates books for Audible Audiobooks. She splits her time between Atlanta and Florida State University where she teaches On Camera acting.

       Jennifer utilizes top disciplines including Stanislavski, Uta Hagan, and Ivana Chubbuck to further develop acting techniques.  She evaluates her students’ experience and meets them where they are in their process.  She hand-tailors her instruction to account for their strengths and weaknesses, furthering individual progress.  This individual attention enables actors to see measurable growth.  Her signature teaching style combines empathy, tough love, and thoughtfulness, and encourages actors to achieve their acting goals with the aid of articulate, constructive criticism. 

Florida State University

Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts


As a young girl, Jennifer discovered a love for the stage. Not one to shy away from vulnerability, her performances were emotional and real, and she loved bringing joy to her audience through the roles.  

Jennifer has always had a love for communicating and connecting with others through storytelling. That devotion to story has been a constant in her life, and has manifested in acting, teaching, and giving back to the community. 

Giving Back

Jennifer has a passion for working with the elderly, previously serving as an Elderly Activities Coordinator in Georgia and working with the homeless in New York. She advocates for their safety and fair treatment, and she enjoys assisting with enrichment programs. Jennifer describes working in the dementia wing of the Senior Home as "one of the most meaningful and rewarding experiences of my life."


Giving back to the homeless in New York


Working as Elderly Activities Coordinator in Georgia


Elder friends from Dunwoody, Georgia

Jennifer believes that a life well lived is one that includes volunteering one's skills, talents, and energy to causes that are dear to the heart. Never content to look out for only herself, she has dedicated her time and efforts to volunteering with BookPals and Young Storytellers Foundation

Young Storytellers